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EN856 steel wire wound hydraulic hose
release date:2023-06-19 09:16:24
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Product Introduction

EN856 wire wound hydraulic hose is a high-performance conveying solution developed specifically for the industrial field. It uses high-strength steel wire winding, making this hose excellent in withstanding pressure and wear resistance. Under harsh working conditions such as high pressure and high temperature, EN856 steel wire wound hydraulic hoses provide users with reliable transportation services.

Application field

EN856 steel wire wound hydraulic hoses are widely used in high-pressure industrial fields such as mining, construction, metallurgy, and petroleum. It plays a core role in applications such as hydraulic systems, high-pressure oil pipes, and fuel delivery pipes. Suitable for various liquid media such as oil, water, gas, etc., providing convenience for industrial production and equipment maintenance.

Excellent performance

EN856 steel wire wound hydraulic hose adopts advanced production technology, which not only has excellent performance in bearing pressure, but also has excellent anti-oxidation, anti-aging and wear resistance. In addition, the excellent flexibility of this hose allows it to easily cope with various bending, twisting and other stress changes under complex working conditions, ensuring the smooth and safe transportation process.

Safety and Environmental Protection

As a high-performance conveying solution, EN856 steel wire wound hydraulic hose cannot be ignored in terms of safety and environmental performance. Strict quality control and production processes ensure the stability and reliability of its product quality. At the same time, this hose reduces the emission of harmful substances during the production process, complies with environmental regulations, and achieves green production.

Customer witness and service

EN856 steel wire wound hydraulic hose has won the trust and praise of customers due to its excellent performance and reliable quality. In order to better meet customer needs, we provide comprehensive pre-sales, in sales, and after-sales technical support and services. No matter what problems you encounter during use, we will wholeheartedly answer them to ensure the smooth progress of your production process.

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