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Started in 2003, Letong Technology has focused on polymer material blending, polymer material modification, hydraulic hoses, oil drilling hoses, fracturing hoses, rubber-plastic composite hoses, ultra-high pressure resin hoses, fluid connections It is a company that provides high-efficiency solutions for fluid transportation, high-performance solutions for polymer material blends, and high-efficiency transportation for shale oil and gas stimulation and acid fracturing pipelines. Solutions, ultra-high pressure water jet pipeline transportation solutions, automotive air-conditioning pipeline system solutions, hydrogen filling pipeline system solutions national high-tech enterprises. Stable product quality and good reputation have won the award issued by China Rubber Industry Association Hose Tape Branch for many years“Top ten enterprises in rubber hose industry”honorary title. On November 15, 2021, Letong Technology (stock code: 832225) became the first batch of listed companies on the Beijing Stock Exchange, entering a new stage of development.
Letong Technology now has 50 high-speed braiding machines, 35 steel wire winding machines, 8 industrial hose forming production lines, more than 200 fluid connector processing equipment, 3 automatic rubber mixing production lines, and a mixing rubber processing capacity of 25,000 tons , the annual production capacity of various hoses is 50 million meters, and the annual production capacity of rubber seals and related products is 20 million pieces.
Manufacturing experience in the field of rubber hose and fluid connectors
Letone Fluid Smart Industrial Park
Invention and utility model patents
Company strength
       Focusing on the field of fluid technology, Litong Technology“Low bending, high pressure, long life, multifunctional”As the focus of product iteration. The main products include all kinds of high, medium and low pressure hydraulic hoses, rubber-plastic composite hoses with wear resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, large diameter and other characteristics, ultra-high pressure and equal diameter oil drills with multiple international certifications Fracturing hoses, ultra-high pressure resin hoses featuring high efficiency and safety, high-, medium- and low-pressure resin hoses with a wide range of applications, hydrogen filling hoses, automotive air-conditioning hoses, fluid connectors and hardware and software Pipe assembly, as well as various types of compounded rubber, modified resin, high temperature TPV and rubber and plastic sealing products, etc. Products are widely used in construction machinery, agricultural machinery, oil drilling, construction, cleaning, water jet, steel, chemical industry, energy, mining, rail transit, shipbuilding, food and medicine and other fields.
        The product certifications passed by Litong Technology include safety standards(MA·KA)、MSHA、American Petroleum Institute API product certification, American Bureau of Shipping ABS type approval, Det Norske Veritas DNV type approval, Russian GOST oil certification, Lloyd's fire protection certification, etc. The management system certifications that have passed include quality management system (conforming to GB/T 19001 -2016/ISO 9001:2015), weapons and equipment quality management system (in compliance with GJB 9001C-2017), quality management system of oil and gas industry manufacturing organizations (in compliance with API Specification Q1), environmental management system (in compliance with GB/T 24001-2016 /ISO14001:2015), automotive quality management system (in compliance with IATF 16949:2016), environmental management system (in compliance with GB/T 24001-2016/ISO 14001:2015), occupational health and safety management system (in compliance with GB/T 45001-2020/ ISO 45001:2018), the integration of industrialization and industrialization management system (GB/T 23001-2017), etc. Litong Technology Testing Center has been accredited by CNAS since 2016. It has more than 20 laboratories such as pulse test room, blasting test room, fire resistance test room, and salt spray test room. The test results are considered to be objective, accurate and authoritative . Litong Rubber and Plastic Technology Industry Innovation Research Institute consists of Hydraulic Hose Research Institute, Industrial Hose Research Institute, High Performance Polymer Materials Research Institute, Ultra High Pressure Piping System Research Institute, Sealing Technology Research Institute, Metal Connector Research Institute, Automotive Rubber and plastic products research institute and product pilot test base, in order to promote the development of special, refined, special and new projects and solve the industry“stuck neck”Difficulties lay a solid foundation.
development strategy
Since its establishment, Litong Technology has always adhered to“Integrity-based, customer first”core values, unswervingly promote“Leading with originality, giving priority to training talents, rooted in leanness, and bravely climbing to the top”The development strategy of the company closely revolves around the upstream and downstream industrial chains of fluid technology to carry out blending and modification of polymer materials, high-temperature TPV, hydraulic rubber and plastic hoses, oil drilling and production fracturing hoses, multi-functional hoses for material transportation, and chemical transportation soft hoses. Tubes, ultra-high pressure resin hoses, hydrogen filling hoses, automotive air-conditioning hoses, food and medical hoses, fluid connectors, rubber and plastic sealing products, etc. Material and new technology innovation lead the high-quality development of the industry, serve the global intelligent manufacturing of equipment, and serve“Become the leader of the global fluid technology industry”Strive for the great goal.