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High pressure steel wire wrapped rubber hose
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High pressure steel wire wrapped hose is a type of hose composed of high pressure steel wire and special synthetic adhesive, which has high pressure resistance, good wear resistance, and aging resistance. This type of hose is widely used in industries, oceans, mines, and hydraulic systems, as an important pipeline for transporting media such as oil, water, and gas.

High pressure steel wire wrapped hose is usually composed of the following layers

: Inner layer: Made of oil resistant, wear-resistant, and high-temperature resistant synthetic rubber, used to withstand internal pressure and protect the conveying medium. Steel wire layer: It is tightly wrapped with high-strength steel wire, providing the high-pressure bearing capacity of the rubber hose. Outer layer: Made of weather resistant, wear-resistant, and aging resistant synthetic rubber to protect internal steel wires and resist external environmental influences. The high-pressure steel wire wrapped hose has the following characteristics: High pressure bearing capacity: The reinforcement of steel wire enables the rubber hose to withstand high pressure, suitable for high-pressure conveying systems. Good wear resistance and aging resistance: The selection of synthetic rubber ensures that the hose can be used for a long time in harsh environments. Flexibility and Flexibility: The steel wire winding structure provides good flexibility for the rubber hose, making it easy to install and route.

Application Fields and Precautions for Use

High pressure steel wire wound hose is widely used in the following fields: Industry: Used for transporting media such as petroleum, chemical, and high-pressure gases. Ocean: used for oil and gas transportation, ship fuel systems, etc. in ocean engineering. Mine: Used for high-pressure transportation, drainage and other systems in mining engineering. Hydraulic equipment: As a key pipeline in the hydraulic transmission system. When using high-pressure steel wire to wrap the hose, the following points should be noted: Select rubber hoses that meet the requirements of working pressure, medium, and temperature. Avoid excessive tension, torque, or bending stress on the hose. Regularly inspect the appearance and joints of the rubber hose. If cracks, wear, and other issues are found, they should be replaced immediately. Avoid contact between the hose and sharp or high-temperature objects to prevent damage.

Market prospects and development trends

With the rapid development of industrialization and urbanization, the demand for high-pressure steel wire wound rubber pipes will continue to grow. In the future, rubber tube manufacturers will continue to develop new materials and processes to improve the performance, service life, and environmental performance of rubber tubes. In addition, the development of intelligence and digitization will bring more efficient and intelligent hydraulic conveying systems, in which high-pressure steel wire wrapped rubber pipes will play a crucial role. High pressure steel wire wrapped hose is a key accessory in industrial and hydraulic systems, with high pressure bearing capacity, good wear resistance, and flexibility. The correct selection and use of rubber hoses can improve engineering efficiency and system safety. In the future, high-pressure steel wire wound hose will usher in a wider range of application fields and technological innovation.

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