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Steel wire wound hydraulic hose
release date:2024-01-31 11:11:14
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Steel wire wound hydraulic hose is a type of hose widely used in the field of hydraulic transmission, mainly composed of steel wire and rubber materials. This type of hose has the characteristics of high strength, high pressure resistance, high temperature resistance, etc. It can withstand large pressure and temperature fluctuations, and has good flexibility and bending performance. The manufacturing process of wire wound hydraulic hoses typically includes the following steps: Prepare raw materials, including steel wire and rubber materials. Steel wire weaving: Weaving steel wires according to certain rules and structures to form the skeleton of the hose. Rubber coating: Coating rubber material on the framework woven with steel wire to form the wall of the hose. Sulfurization treatment: By using high temperature and high pressure, the rubber material is tightly combined with the steel wire skeleton to improve the strength and durability of the hose. Testing and packaging: Inspect the vulcanized hoses, such as pressure testing, visual inspection, etc., to ensure that the product quality is qualified before packaging. The characteristics of wire wound hydraulic hoses include: High strength: Due to the use of steel wire as a reinforcing material, the hose has high tensile strength and compressive performance, and can withstand large pressures and stresses. High pressure resistance: The hose has good pressure resistance and can withstand high hydraulic pressure, ensuring the normal operation of the hydraulic system. High temperature resistance: The hose is made of high-temperature resistant rubber material, which can maintain stable performance in high temperature environments. Good flexibility: Steel wire wound hydraulic hoses have good flexibility and bending performance, and can maintain stable performance in various complex bending and twisting states. Easy installation: The hose has a certain degree of flexibility and bending performance, making it easy to install and use. Long lifespan: Due to its high strength, high temperature resistance, and other characteristics, steel wire wound hydraulic hoses have a longer service life and can operate stably for a long time. In summary, wire wound hydraulic hoses are high-strength, high pressure resistant, and high-temperature resistant hydraulic hoses widely used in various hydraulic transmission fields. Due to its excellent performance and reliability, steel wire wound hydraulic hoses have become an important component of hydraulic transmission systems, providing safe and reliable hydraulic transmission solutions for various industrial applications.

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