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Steel wire braided hydraulic hoses
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Steel wire braided hydraulic hoses, especially those that comply with the EN 853 ST standard, have become key components in the industrial and agricultural fields. Its excellent pressure resistance, oil resistance, high temperature resistance, as well as excellent wear resistance characteristics, enable this hose to meet the hydraulic transmission needs in various complex environments. 1、 Background and significance of EN853 ST standard EN 853 is a standard developed by the European Organization for Standardization for high-pressure hydraulic hoses, aimed at regulating their design, material, and performance requirements. This standard is divided into four types, including 1SN, 2SN, 1ST, and 2ST, with the main difference between each type being the number and structure of steel wire braided layers. And EN 853 ST is one of them, with its single-layer steel wire weaving and specific structural design, which makes the hose have excellent stability and reliability in high-pressure environments. 2、 Structure and characteristics of EN853 ST steel wire braided hydraulic hose 1. Structure: The EN853 ST steel wire braided hydraulic hose is mainly composed of a rubber inner lining layer that is resistant to oil or water-based hydraulic fluids, a single-layer high-strength steel wire braided layer, and a weather and oil resistant rubber outer covering layer. This structure ensures that the hose can maintain excellent performance in high pressure, high temperature, and harsh environments. 2. Pressure resistance performance: Due to the use of a single-layer steel wire braided layer, the EN 853 ST hose has high pressure resistance and can work stably for a long time in high-pressure environments without deformation or rupture. 3. Oil resistance and high temperature resistance performance: The inner and outer rubber layers of the hose are made of oil and high temperature resistant rubber materials, effectively preventing oil penetration and corrosion, while maintaining the original performance indicators in high temperature environments. 4. Wear resistance: The high-strength and high-pressure steel wire braided layer provides excellent wear resistance for the hose, greatly extending its service life. 5. Installation and maintenance: The EN 853 ST steel wire braided hydraulic hose has flexible bending performance, can adapt to various complex environments and spaces, and is convenient for installation and maintenance. 3、 Application field 1. Industrial field: In industrial production, hydraulic transmission systems are widely used in various machinery and equipment. The EN 853 ST steel wire braided hydraulic hose has become a key component in these systems due to its excellent pressure resistance, oil resistance, and high temperature resistance, ensuring the stable operation of the production line. 2. Agricultural field: Hydraulic transmission systems are also required in agricultural machinery, such as tractors, harvesters, and other equipment. The EN 853 ST steel wire braided hydraulic hose provides strong support for the continuous operation of agricultural machinery due to its excellent wear resistance and long service life. 4、 Selection and Use When selecting and using EN853 ST steel wire braided hydraulic hoses, it is necessary to determine the model and specifications of the hose based on the actual working environment and usage requirements. At the same time, attention should also be paid to the installation and maintenance of hoses to avoid damage or leakage during use. 5、 Summary EN853 ST steel wire braided hydraulic hose has become an indispensable key component in the industrial and agricultural fields due to its excellent performance and wide range of applications. In future development, with the continuous advancement of technology and the expansion of application areas, this type of hose will play a more important role.

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