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High Pressure Hose
release date:2023-07-06 16:19:01
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The term high pressure hose covers a broad range of products that are used for conveying water and cleaning solutions in a contained manner under some form of internal pressure. Some hoses are designed for very high pressure (water blasting applications) while others may be simply used in an agricultural environment for watering purposes. Whatever the case, a hose can be subject to considerable wear and tear and needs to be properly cared for in order to remain in service. A key to a hose’s safety is never using it in an application for which it was not designed. This can be a major cause of hose failure and can also put users at risk of serious injury. It is important to always test and retest a hose to ensure it remains safe for use in the intended application. This testing should be done at the time of manufacture and retested on a regular basis (preferably annually). Other factors that contribute to a hose’s safety include proper care and maintenance, as well as storing it properly when not in use. A specialized high-pressure hose reel is an excellent way to store your hose and can help prevent it from getting stepped on, run over, kinked or flattened while in storage. It is also a much safer way to transport and use your hose as it eliminates the need for you to carry it or wrap it by hand. The inside of a high-pressure hose is reinforced and perfectly shaped for optimal performance. It is very important that it be kept in this condition, as a damaged hose can fail under pressure and release water or cleaning solution that can cause severe injury. The inner rubber layer is usually made of liquid-resistant synthetic rubber and is then reinforced with one or two braids of high tensile steel wire. The outer cover is then often made of a durable material such as carboxylate nitrile and is pin-pricked to allow trapped steam and gas to escape. Hoses can be purchased in a variety of different sizes and materials of construction, with various working pressure ratings. It is important to select the correct size and material for your application. Also, if you will be connecting your hose to other equipment such as spray wands or pressure washer attachments it is very important that all connections are tight and correctly fitted. Many hose blowouts are caused by incorrectly fitted attachments that come loose under pressure. A properly maintained and cared for hose will extend its service life considerably and reduce the chance of failure and associated safety hazards. Hoses should be visually inspected prior to use and any that are showing signs of hazard or damage should be immediately removed from service. It is also important to know the capabilities and specifications of a hose assembly in terms of media compatibility and its maximum working pressure rating. Always remember to drain and flush a hose after each use and to not overload it in any way.

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