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rotary hose drilling
release date:2023-07-06 16:32:08
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Blowout preventer (BOP) systems require high pressure, high temperature and flame resistant control lines. This hose is built to those specifications, passing API 16D and Lloyds 1000/499 fire test standards. Our BlackGold MegaShield 5000 BOP hose is rated for constant specified working pressure up to 5000psi and withstands severe operating conditions. It is also highly flexible and abrasion resistant. Flexibility Fireproof BOP Hose is a flexible connection used to control BOP's (Blowout Preventers) and associated valves that control well pressure during drilling operations. It withstands high temperatures and flame temperatures, as well as abrasion, kinking, and radiant heat. It also resists oil and offers good abrasion resistance. These hoses are tested to API 16D and Lloyd's 1000/499 fire test, able to withstand the rated operating pressure for five minutes at 1300degF (700degC) flame temperature. This makes them ideal for use in oil field blow-out preventer systems, ensuring that the system will continue to operate even in harsh crisis oilfield conditions. This hose is suitable for suction and discharge use, transferring a variety of chemicals. It can handle biodiesel and ethanol blends, diesel fuel, gasoline, petroleum based products with up to 50% aromatics, salt water, and drilling muds. It is also resistant to abrasion, kinking and stress cracking. It remains flexible in sub-zero temperatures, and features a static conductive tube to prevent the buildup of electrical charges. Durability Fireproof BOP Hose is designed to withstand the harsh conditions of the oil field. It meets API 16D standards and is made from high quality components to ensure it will maintain its rated operating pressure under extreme conditions. It can be used as a flexible connection to control BOP (Blowout Preventer) systems during drilling operations. It is equipped with a fire resistant cover that can withstand 1300deg F (700deg C) flame temperature for at least 5 minutes under a working pressure. It is also able to resist abrasion, kinking, and reflect radiant heat. Suitable for the transfer of potable water in applications such as connections to fire hydrants, dust control water trucks and water spraying. It is constructed with NSF standard 61 approved materials and is immune to mildew. It is an economical general service suction and discharge hose for pumping water and light chemical solutions. It has a PVC helix that increases flexibility and abrasion resistance. The hose remains flexible even in sub-zero temperatures and has a built-in corrosion inhibitor to resist rust and scale buildup. Flame Resistant FireFlex BOP Hose withstands the harsh oilfield environments where it's used. It is designed to hold the rated working pressure in the face of flame temperatures, which can reach 1300degF (+700degC) and higher for five minutes. The hose's design provides superior flexibility while offering resistance to oil, abrasion, kinking and reflects radiant heat. It is tested to Lloyd's Register requirements and EUB Directive 36 for a minimum of 5 minutes at full working pressure. The hose is manufactured with a black, oil resistant nitrile tube and reinforced by multiple plies of spiral wrapped high tensile steel wire. Its cover is made of a red, specially compounded and fiber glass impregnated fire and abrasion resistant rubber that meets ABS, EUB and Lloyd's requirements. It is crimped with API 16D couplings and can be ordered with exterior armor. It is available in sizes ranging from 3/8" to 2". Safety Blowout preventer (BOP) control systems require high pressure, high temperature and flame resistant hoses certified to API 16D. BOP hoses are manufactured with superior components that allow them to operate under harsh oilfield conditions and continue to function even in the event of a fire. GNG’s high-pressure, fire-resistant insulated hose assembly is ideally suited for the BOP hydraulic pressure transmission of well control equipments used in high-temperature furnace and flammable places in metallurgical industry. The hose is tested to API Spec 16D, capable of containing its rated working pressure in 1300degF(700degC) flame temperature for 5 minutes. The BlackGold MegaShield 5000 BOP hose is lighter and more flexible than stainless steel armored hoses, which makes them easier to handle, route and inspect. It’s also more cost-effective than a welded version, while still meeting API 16D and Lloyds 1000/499 fire test standards. All assemblies are hydrostatically pressure tested per EUB Directive 36 and supplied with a test tag, serial number and test certificate.

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