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Petroleum Oilfield Hose Covers a Wide Variety of Applications
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Petroleum Oilfield Hose covers a wide variety of applications including well stimulation and fracking. They can be used with commercial gasoline, diesel fuel and biodiesel if the exposure is intermittent and the hose is drained between uses. Our petroleum oilfield hoses are divided into fuel dispensing hoses, tank truck and petroleum station hoses, choke and kill hoses (fire rated) and BOP hoses. Suction Hose A flexible tubing that creates a vacuum to draw materials from one point to another. It can withstand negative pressure and is designed to resist abrasion and heat. Designed for transfer of petroleum based products, unrefined oils, waste oil and drilling muds at ambient temperature. Can also handle cooking grease. Clear PVC tubing allows for visual inspection of flowing material. Rigid PVC helix offers crush resistance and the smooth core provides easy suction. Whether you’re working in a corrosive environment or an oilfield, suction and pressure hoses help you transfer materials quickly and efficiently. They work under negative pressure to remove materials and positive pressure to discharge them. Polyurethane (PU) hoses resist higher temperatures than other types of industrial hoses, and they retain their flexibility at low temperatures. They’re also lightweight and can withstand harsh chemical conditions. Economical general service suction and discharge hose for pumping water and light chemical solutions. Clear polyvinyl chloride tubing enables visual confirmation of flow. Suitable for food and beverage dispensing, potable water, air breathing lines and lube lines. Static conductive tube prevents buildup of electrical charges. For use in tank truck petroleum and unrefined oil transportation, crude and drilling mud transport and cooking grease transfer (at ambient temperature). High tensile spring wire offers full vacuum, durability and grounding of assembly. Suction hoses are essential tools for transferring liquids, gases, and solids. They are specially designed to withstand vacuum, rather than pressure and abrasion. This EPDM rubber suction hose is ideal for agricultural applications, marine bilge transfer, and general construction dewatering. It also features a safety ohm ground wire to help eliminate static electricity. This hose is available in multiple sizes. Designed for transfer of liquid propane gas or butane. Can also handle petroleum based products with up to 50% aromatics. Includes a static wire to prevent the build up of electrical charges. Economical general service hose for pumping water and light chemical applications. Great for construction, rental and trash pumping as well as marine bilge discharge and water transfer. Clear polyvinyl chloride tubing allows visual confirmation of material flow. The 6906 series offers an economical suction and discharge hose option when a tank truck hose is not required. This hose features smooth inner and outer surfaces, high flexibility, and is resistant to fuel, oils, and chemicals. It is fitted with instantaneous fire hose couplings and DIN Storz couplings upon request. This hose also comes with a Safety Ohm (SO) ground wire that helps to prevent static build up. Economical suction and discharge hose for crude, waste oil, drilling mud, or unrefined products. This hose handles nearly every chemical (at ambient temperature) and provides full vacuum and durability. Handles biodiesel and ethanol blends, diesel fuels, gasoline and petroleum products with up to 50% aromatic content. Clear polyvinyl chloride tubing allows visual confirmation of product flow. Conductive tube eliminates static buildup. A versatile suction hose option for transporting tar, asphalt, and other thick fluids. Provides excellent abrasion and high temperature resistance, reinforced with textile and wire reinforcement. Features a safety ohm ground wire to prevent static electricity. Available in bulk hose and custom lengths up to 100' with various coupling combinations. Working pressure decreases with increased temperature. Contact JGB for additional details and specifications. Suction and discharge hose for fuel oils, petroleum products, diesel or commercial gasoline. Features a smooth cover to resist dragging. Static wire is included to prevent the buildup of electrical charges. For suction/discharge use and visual flow inspection. Great for food and beverage dispensing, air breathing lines, water supply and car wash systems. Handles most acids and alkalies. Also handles oily mist used to lubricate pneumatic tools. A great choice for produced water transfer with good chemical resistance. Also good for hydrant line replacement on hydraulic fracture damaged lines. Clear polyvinyl chloride tube offers full visual flow inspection. Can handle a variety of chemicals (98% of industrial chemicals) without staining or contamination. Designed for air, oil mist and light chemical applications at ambient temperature. Features a static conductive tube to eliminate the build up of electrical charges.

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