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Petroleum Drilling Hose to Meet Your Application
release date:2023-07-19 16:27:53
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Drilling hoses are used to transport various fluids on oilfields. CavMac offers a full range of petroleum drilling hoses to meet your application. Rotary drilling hoses, also known as kelly hose or mud pump hose, are designed for flexible connection between standpipe and swivel to pump mud at extra high pressure in the oilfield drilling operation and exploration. High Pressure Drilling operations operate at a high pressure and temperature, which means that the hoses, fittings and hydraulic components that make up this system must be able to withstand these conditions. If they cannot, the entire operation could be put at risk of catastrophic problems or at least will not work as effectively as it should. Rotary drilling hose (also called oilfield mud hose, kelly hose) is a flexible connection between the standpipe and swivel on the rig to pump mud at extra high pressure in petroleum drilling and exploration. It meets the strict requirements of directional drilling, negative pressure pulse and high temperature downward connections and also can serve as motion compensation hose to stabilize rotary drilling and pumping equipment against vertical wave action on offshore drill platforms. The base is made of an internal rubber layer, then followed by 2-8 layers of high tensile and high strength spiral steel wire, finally covered with a power metal braid. The resulting structure is very resistant to high pressure working conditions. High Temperature Oil drilling operations often take place in harsh environments where temperatures are extremely high and the pressures fluctuate. The petroleum drilling hoses must be capable of withstanding these extreme temperatures without deteriorating or becoming unusable. In addition, rubber elements on the rig such as seals are susceptible to thermal degradation and require replacement at high rates if they are subjected to excessive heat. It is also important that the petroleum drilling hose can withstand extreme cold conditions as well. These hoses are used for transporting water, mud and other chemicals during the oil exploration process. These hoses are made of a combination of layers, with the internal rubber tube, the power metal braid and the static wire. The hose is resistant to abrasion, oil, mild chemicals, weathering and temperature extremes. It is one of the most critical components on a rig, since it carries vital hydraulic oil that performs a number of functions for the machinery. Corrosion Resistance Often found on oil fields, petroleum drilling hoses can withstand a lot of punishment. They are often subjected to extreme temperatures and pressures, and they must be able to withstand corrosion from harsh chemicals and environments. Jason Industrial offers an extensive range of oilfield hoses that can meet the challenges of this industry. Our line includes rotary, kelly, vibrator and mud pump hoses; cementing hoses; choke and kill hoses; and blow out preventer (BOP) hoses. Choke hoses and kill hoses, commonly referred to as “C&K” hoses, are specialized hoses that can survive critical moments when a well experiences trouble. They are usually 2" to 3-1/2" ID armored hoses that can withstand the intense pressure of a choke valve or a kill valve being opened. They are also fire rated in some environments to increase their survivability during dangerous situations. They are typically made from high abrasion resistant synthetic rubber with a ozone, hydrocarbon and flame resistant cover. Abrasion Resistance Abrasion resistance is an important factor in the oil field for both the hoses themselves and the equipment that they connect to. This is particularly true for Choke and Kill hoses that are designed to survive those critical moments when a well starts experiencing trouble. These hoses are typically 2" to 3-1/2" ID armored hoses that are specifically designed to withstand the abrasion and impact of high pressure hydraulic fluid. In more dangerous environments, these hoses are sometimes fire rated to provide additional protection. The lining of the hose is made from a heavy gauge rubber, featuring oil resistance and abrasion resistance. It is reinforced by 2-8 layers of single wire spiral steel wire helix. The cover is made from a black, oil resistant, weather proof rubber. The hose is also available in different lengths and can be fitted with various coupling types, including hammer unions and camlocks.

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